Monday, April 3, 2017

Publishing to a Nuget Server

First, the Nuget CLI needs to be installed on your machine. Place the .exe in a folder and add that folder to your local path. The nuget CLI exe can be found here:

Run the following command one time to set the api key permanently for your nuget server. 

nuget setApiKey yourapikey -source http://yournugeturl

Change directories to where your .csproj file is located and run this command: 

nuget spec

The command above will generate a nuspec file. Edit the nuspec file and delete or fill in any elements without $. The $'s indicate variables that will be automatically replaced during the pack process. Do not change those elements. 

Next edit your assembly info for your project:

Edit /properties/AssemblyInfo.cs using Visual Studio

In the assembly info file you'll find all the properties for your project. I recommend that you let Visual Studio supply the build and revision numbers (so 1.0.*) as mentioned in the comments in this file. Make sure other values are set to your liking. 

Next, from a command prompt, run the following command:

nuget pack

This will package up your project and create a .nupkg file for upload to the nuget server. Now you're ready to push your package to the server. Run the following command and you're done: 

nuget push yourpack.nupkg -source http://yournugeturl

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